Albania, 1991: The Communist government falls and  Leda, an ordinary Albanian girl, hears about Jesus Christ for the first time.  Over the years that follow Albania will see many changes and Leda will have to question what she believes, and why.

When Albania plunges into the violent Chaos of 1997, Leda and her best friend Suela find themselves on the run together.  Alone in the wild mountains between Albania and Greece, Leda will be forced to rely on only her faith.  Will her God come through when it matters most?

ISBN: 9781916490925

The novel Leda (under its original title of Over the Mountains) was shortlisted for the Scripture Union New Fiction prize.  It is suitable for readers of about ten years upwards and would make a great gift or Sunday School prize for tweens / young teens.  It is also interesting for people of any age who want to know more about the recent history of Albania.  It is fictional, but the background detail and general themes come from my experience of living as a missionary in Albania.

Dr John Blanchard, well-known Christian author, writes:

I read Leda in the course of a flight from London to Dublin and found it to be quite a page-turner. The nicely-spaced incidents all move the story along in the right direction and I warmly commend it.”

You can see a review of Leda on the Baptist Union of Scotland website, as well as on its Amazon page.

How to Get a Copy

Leda is also available on Amazon as an ebook or paperback. It’s also available as an ebook only on iTunes, Kobo and Smashwords.

Leda is available from libraries in Glasgow, Sheffield, Hillingdon (near London) and some other locations. Check with your local library.

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