Rambles Round Glasgow – 21st Century Edition

A new edition of the classic Victorian travelogue of Glasgow.

Let Hugh MacDonald’s Rambles Round Glasgow transport you to mid-nineteenth century Glasgow – to a busy, grimy, burgeoning city, and to the towns and villages that would soon be swallowed up by its progress. From the “rural-looking village of Govan” in the south to the “spot called the ‘Bear’s Den’” in the north, MacDonald will take you through familiar Glasgow locations, and regale you with tales of their legends and history.

Hugh MacDonald was a poet and journalist with a love of literature and nature, a big heart, and a twinkle of humour always in his eye. His charming travelogues are still a delight after more than a century and a half.

This twenty-first century edition of Rambles Round Glasgow has a new introduction and notes for the modern reader.

Released: 2nd March 2023


ISBN 9781916490932

RRP £16.99


ISBN 9781916490949

RRP £2.99


(Amazon only)

ISBN 9798360181514

RRP £16.99

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