Robin Hood – the man, the myth, the legend

4 Oct

I am very sleepy today because last night I was up past my bedtime, appearing on the Monday Night Fan Club on Radio 5 Live.

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Five books to make you think

12 Sep

There are a number of reasons for an author to have a website. So that people can get information about my books is the obvious one. So that I can share my impassioned or facetious opinions without inconveniencing my general acquaintance is another. But a third, which is quite fun, is that sometimes people contact you unexpectedly via the website.

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The Sun Always Shines on my Top Five

23 Aug

Inspired by my last post, where I collaborated with a fellow A-ha fan, I thought I would give you a wee run down of my top five A-ha songs.

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Let’s play Edinurgh Fringe bingo!

15 Aug Cockburn Street

This post was composed in collaboration with my old friend, fellow A-ha fan and English teacher extraordinaire, Susan Main. We recently took a wee trip to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (or Edinburgh Festival Fringe, as it used to be) and encountered many of these phenomena.

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This is my story on UCB2

11 Jul

I talked to Ruth O’Reilly-Smith on her radio show, ‘This is My Story’, on Tuesday morning about my novel, Leda, why I went to Albania, and what I’m up to these days with Restore Glasgow.

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What’s that coming over the hill? Is it a heatwave? Is it a heatwave?

28 Jun

Sticking with my blog’s theme of failing to stick to a theme, I’m sharing a poem I wrote a few years back about the unpredictable, and usually disappointing, British summer.

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Interrail day twenty-five – Brussels to HOME!

22 May

The epic journey comes to an end. I’m trying not to be too sad about it because the last time I started thinking that way, my train was cancelled!

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Interrail day twenty-four – Brussels to Ghent and back

21 May

I set the alarm wrong and woke up very late, so that I had to scramble to make it to breakfast. It’s a good job I’m only going to Ghent today, and not London!

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Interrail day twenty-three – Brussels

20 May

This was supposed to be the final day of my trip but, of course, now it is not. Instead I will be attempting to travel home on Sunday, which gives me two extra days in Belgium.

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Interrail day twenty-two – Salzburg to Brussels

20 May

A day of many changes. Like that children’s circle-game with the fishes (“tide is turning!”), I didn’t know whether I was coming or going.

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