Let’s play Edinurgh Fringe bingo!

15 Aug Cockburn Street

This post was composed in collaboration with my old friend, fellow A-ha fan and English teacher extraordinaire, Susan Main. We recently took a wee trip to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (or Edinburgh Festival Fringe, as it used to be) and encountered many of these phenomena.

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This is my story on UCB2

11 Jul

I talked to Ruth O’Reilly-Smith on her radio show, ‘This is My Story’, on Tuesday morning about my novel, Leda, why I went to Albania, and what I’m up to these days with Restore Glasgow.

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What’s that coming over the hill? Is it a heatwave? Is it a heatwave?

28 Jun

Sticking with my blog’s theme of failing to stick to a theme, I’m sharing a poem I wrote a few years back about the unpredictable, and usually disappointing, British summer.

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Interrail day twenty-five – Brussels to HOME!

22 May

The epic journey comes to an end. I’m trying not to be too sad about it because the last time I started thinking that way, my train was cancelled!

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Interrail day twenty-four – Brussels to Ghent and back

21 May

I set the alarm wrong and woke up very late, so that I had to scramble to make it to breakfast. It’s a good job I’m only going to Ghent today, and not London!

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Interrail day twenty-three – Brussels

20 May

This was supposed to be the final day of my trip but, of course, now it is not. Instead I will be attempting to travel home on Sunday, which gives me two extra days in Belgium.

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Interrail day twenty-two – Salzburg to Brussels

20 May

A day of many changes. Like that children’s circle-game with the fishes (“tide is turning!”), I didn’t know whether I was coming or going.

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Interrail day twenty-one – Venice(ish) to Salzburg

18 May

Today has already started better than yesterday.

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Interrail day twenty – Bari to Venice

17 May

After almost three weeks, this is the only day that has been a total pain so far, and threatens to be a pain all day.

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Interrail day nineteen – Lushnjë to Durrës via Tirana

16 May

It’s easier to get to Tirana than it used to be, now Lushnjë has its wee bus that shuttles from the village of Karbunarë in the south to Plug in the north and back again. Previously you had to either get yourself out to motorway on foot or by taxi, or catch the bus that leaves from Lushnjë train station at 7am 🤢

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