Why Everything You Know about Robin Hood Is Wrong

” Jam-packed with revealing facts… written in a succinct and engaging style.” World Wide Robin Hood Society


What if I told you…

  • Robin Hood never met Maid Marian?
  • He was no more a member of the nobility than I am?
  • He never went on Crusade?
  • And he absolutely did not steal from the rich to give to the poor?

Join me on an illuminating, informative and really quite sarcastic trawl through what we really know about one of England’s most famous legends.

Meet Eustace, monk-turned-pirate; Hereward, landowner-turned-bandit; Fulk, noble-turned-outlaw; and discover why none of them was the ‘real’ Robin Hood.

Find out how Marian came over from France, and how she was, ahem, intimately connected to Friar Tuck.

And learn more than you ever wanted to know about medieval hoods.

ISBN: 978-1-9164909-0-1
RRP: £4.99
Pages: 90
Release date: November 2018

WEYKARHIW is available for pre-order on Waterstones.com, and at Amazon as an ebook or paperback. It’s probably available to pre-order from your local bookshop, too – why not ask them?

The paperback is printed in dyslexia-friendly font (Segoe UI Historic 12-point, in fact). The ebook is in this font, too, but it will vary depending on your settings.

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