About K C Murdarasi

Office Life (and Death) - a collection of funny short stories Leda - an adventure story set in Albania Augustine: The Truth Seeker - a biography for young people Patrick of Ireland: The Boy Who Forgave - a biography for young people

Hello, and thanks for visiting my website. Below you’ll find news about what I’m up to and what’s happening in my writing career, as well as a bit of information about my own background. Over in the blog you can read my thoughts on everything from the Roman Republic to why God isn’t like Morgan Freeman, and on the book information pages you can find out about the stories I’ve already published.

Please have a poke around, and feel free to get in touch using the contact form on the right.


My short story ‘The Archaic Smile‘ was published on the Edinburgh-based literary review, The Ogilvie, on 15th April.

I’m working away on a book about Robin Hood at the moment, which included an important research / photography trip to the charming villages of Wentbridge and Hathersage. No, it wasn’t all about coffee and cake! Although a lot of it was consumed.

I’ve recently been introduced to Noir at the Bar (crime and thriller author events). I gave a reading from Office Life (and Death) as a ‘wildcard’ author at the last Edinburgh event, in February, which was great fun.

About K C Murdarasi

I am an author mainly of young adult fiction and short fiction. My two collections of short stories, Office Life (and Death) and A New Year’s Trio, are available on Amazon as e-books and paperbacks. My very popular short story e-book, Running for Cover, is also available free on Smashwords in various formats. I have written a couple of YA novels (one of which, Leda, is available from bookshops) and a couple of biographies of famous Christians for young people (Augustine the Truth Seeker and Patrick: The Boy Who Forgave)I have also had short stories published in a number of magazines and anthologies.

I write non-fiction, too. You may have seen some of my articles in Christianity magazine or on the now-defunct Suite 101.  I also regularly write Sunday school materials for Go Teach. Do check out the blog for flash fiction, reviews, rants, musings on the Christian life, and whatever else pops into my head.

My Background

I am a graduate of the University of St Andrews, Scotland’s first university. I was awarded first class honours in Ancient History, and I also have a Diploma of Higher Education (DipHE) in Theology from International Christian College. My surname is Albanian (everybody asks), and the K C stands for Karen Catherine. I lived and worked in Albania for a number of years but I am now based in my home town of Glasgow, Scotland.

Copyright © 2017 K C Murdarasi

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