Left-Handed Day

8 Feb

Last week I decided to have a left-handed day, although I am actually right handed.  There was a reason.  My “ambidextrous” sister and “right handed” me had been having a conversation about it, and we couldn’t find many things that she could actually do significantly better with her left hand than I could.

So I thought I would swap hands for a day and see if I’m more amidextrous than I thought.  The simple answer is, yes, I can do a lot more with my left hand than I would have assumed.  That still leaves the question, though, of whether my sister and I are both ambidextrous or whether all right-handed people are actually not too bad with their left hands but just never try.  Give it a go and let me know.

Here are the highlights of my leftie day:

Hardest thing (apart from remembering to use my left hand): Spreading butter on toast, followed closely by double-clicking a mouse.

Easiest thing: Using straighteners.  I had never realised but I always hold them in my left hand, using the right to hold the hair.  Swapping over was no trouble at all.

Bravest thing: Cutting my fringe.  It turned out better than usual!

Weirdest thing: I found it much harder to type, even though I always type with two hands, and it was even harder to read.  That sounds as if it doesn’t make any sense at all but handedness is closely linked to language ability (to do with hemispheres of the brain) so I was probably just confusing my poor brain with the swap.

Things I chickened out of: Making a Valentines card for my husband (it’s hard!) and writing the address on envelopes.  Well, I did want them to get there!


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