Best Things About Spring

25 Feb

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I’ve had coffee outside in the sunshine, been for a walk in the park, and just installed a pink blossom design into newly downloaded Firefox (not that re-downloading had made it open Yahoo, but hey). It must be spring (hopefully) so here is my top 5 things about Spring.

1) The smell of it. It smells fresh, not in a crisp wintery way but in green and pink, things growing sort of way. And the air is softer so you can fill your lungs with it instead of protecting yourself from it with a scarf like you do in winter.

2) Daffodils. Not the only spring flower, but the best. They brighten up hills, parks, and my hall table, and they even smell bright! They’re such an amazing shape, so that they’re associated in my heat with brass-heavy Easter songs (see point 4). In York in the springtime, the banks up to the old city walls are covered with daffodils. It’s worth going for that reason alone (although there are many other reasons to visit York, as it happens).

3) Blossom. This post is really straying into Disney territory, isn’t it? But think about it: trees which are usually either green or brown suddenly turn pink! It would be astounding if we weren’t so used to it. In Albania the blossom we got in Spring was orange blossom, which also smells amazing.

4) Easter happens in springtime. As a Christian, Easter is actually more important to me than Christmas. It’s solemn but it’s also joyful – declaring “He is risen indeed!” on the Sunday with a group of other happy, believing people is a good feeling. There are some brilliant songs which only come out at Easter, like My Song is Love Unknown and Thine Be the Glory (which has to be played with trumpets!). And on top of all that, you are encouraged to eat loads of chocolate!

5) The fact that summer is on the way. I’m fond of spring (I like all the seasons, actually), but if I had to choose I would take the sizzling sun and long, warm evenings of summer. Not long to go now!


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