Dinky Laptop

5 Jul

I think it’s about time I sang the praises of my new netbook. It is an Elonex Webbook which I bought on Ebay for about £55. It’s tiny (7 inches!), it’s ancient (Windows CE 6.0 if that means anything to you) and it struggles to do much more than let me type, but I only got it so that I could write on the go without having to type it up, and it fulfills that purpose admirably.

Someone commented that it’s too small to be of any use, but I must have particularly nimble fingers, because it’s not giving me any serious problems – a few more typos than usual, that’s all. It fits in my handbag, which is not large, and means I can take it with me on the train to work. It takes about 15 minutes each way. Allowing for time to sort myself out, turn it on, save my work, turn it off etc. it give me another twenty minutes of writing time for every day I travel to the office. That may not sound like much, but when you struggle to find time to write (lack of discipline, really, rather than lack of time) it makes a huge difference. I’ve written an entire short story (A Recipe for Summer) and a few chapters of my novel Vermin on it. Well worth £55 – especially since it’s tax deductable 😉


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