Glasgow Details

18 Sep

My previous photo post on Glasgow’s grafitti art proved rather popular. As a writer, this leaves me with mixed feelings: happy that people are reading my blog, perturbed that more people read it when there isn’t much actual writing. Hmm. However, stiffening my British lip and trying not to be offended, I have decided to post another lot of photos. (Click on any of the photos to see a larger version.)

Glasgow is, of course, swimming in great architecture. In fact you can barely tell one beautifully proportioned Georgian street from another when you’re in a hurry, and the looming, ornate Victorian piles have a tendancy to blend into one another after a while. (If you’re reading this thinking “Isn’t Glasgow a big industrial dump?”, do your research. Or better yet, come and visit.)

These photos are of some of the nice wee details in Glasgow city centre that often get overlooked – things we ought to appreciate more. For instance, there’s a lovely new piece of artwork in Buchanan Galleries that people don’t tend to see much of as they rush towards the escalators on their way to Boots.

divine rhythm, wholly at one With the earth, riding the Heavens with it, as the stones do, And all soon must.

…divine rhythm, wholly at one
With the earth, riding the Heavens with it, as the stones do,
And all soon must.

The central Post Office, on St Vincent Street, is rather impressive if you have the time to stop and appreciate it.

20130916_121140 20130916_121109 20130916_121103
Even Central Station’s not bad. A Dutch friend said it reminded her of Hogwarts! (An aside: Central’s not much like Hogwarts, actually, but the wood-panelled, stained glass dining room of St Salvators Hall in St Andrews really is. If it had been any closer, food would have appeared by magic. And tasted nice.)


To be fair, you probably have noticed Central Station. It’s not exactly a detail (though I like the wrought iron working in this photo). But what about the giant metal peacock in the middle of Buchanan Street (above Princes Square)?


And probably my favourite detail of all: baby dragons outside 200 St Vincent Street. Why? I don’t know, but they’re adorable.


Do you have any favourite overlooked details of Glasgow? Please add a comment!


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