The Snow Queen – a winter’s tale

12 Dec

My latest work of beauty (indulge me) is an audio adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen. It’s read by Sophie Aldred, who was Ace, the assistant in Dr Who when I was growing up, and who has a lovely, warm voice. But it’s also got a full cast of characters played by other actors, and sound effects, and even background music! What more could you want?

Everyone remembers the core of the Snow Queen – boy captured by evil queen, heart frozen, friend tries to get him back – but there’s so much more in it that you’ve probably forgotten. There are enchantments and danger and robbers, a real shortage of shoes, and even a talking reindeer!

In this adaptation, there’s plenty of drama and suspense, but also a lot of description to engage your senses and transport you to the frozen north and the Snow Queen’s palace. Not that you need to exercise much imagination, the weather we’re having at the moment.

It’s available from Word of Mouth Productions as a 65-minute MP3 download. Visit the website here, or play the video below to hear Sophie Aldred say nice things about my adaptation!


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