Are you a dangerous woman?

11 Jul

Did you know Cleopatra had a sister? Quite possibly you have never given it any thought, but in my research for the novel I’m working on (and which I will finish this year), The Gates of Janus, I have bumped up against Cleopatra’s younger sister, Arsinoe. She only turns up in the odd line in Strabo, Cassius Dio and Appian, but they are throwaway lines that are suggestive of a fascinating life that lies behind them.

So when I saw that the Dangerous Women Project was open for submissions, I thought I would really like to shed a bit of light on “The Other Ptolemy Girl“. (Yes, I totally lifted that title from Philippa Gregory.)

If you would like to learn a bit more about Cleopatra’s little sister, and how these siblings were both dangerous in their different ways (I’m glad I wasn’t born into that family), head over to the Dangerous Women site. The current submissions period is open until 7th August 2016, so if you have some views on dangerous women, too, why not submit your tuppenceworth as well?


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