The Story of Robin Hood in Pictures

21 Nov

When I was preparing my new book, Why Everything You Know about Robin Hood Is Wrong for publication, I initially intended to have an accompanying image in each chapter. I ditched the idea, mostly because it would make the book to expensive (always thinking of you, my dear readers) but I thought you might like to see them anyway.

So in this blog you will see the pictures that would have been in the colour edition of the book, in order, along with their original captions. They may not make total sense out of context. To fill in the blanks, you will have to read my book – which is released tomorrow! (22nd November 2018, that is.)

(By the way, most of the images in this post are licensed for resuse, but not all. Check the caption for the origin if you plan to reuse them.)


The Major Oak would probably be advertised today as ‘Compact property, in need of some renovation.’ (Dreamstime)

Robin_Hood_inscription_on_the_gravestone_in_the_Kirklees_Estate_grounds,_in_West_Yorkshire Richodee

The epitaph at Robin Hood’s supposed grave in Kirklees is less than convincing.
(Richodee, Wikimedia.)

Richard_I_and_Joan_greeting_Philip_Augustus Histoire d'Outremer, British Library

Richard the Lionheart greeting King Philip II before their unsuccessful jaunt to the Holy Land.
(Histoire d’Outremer, British Library)

King_John from Cassell's History of England

King John – not a very nice man, but not Robin’s enemy.
(Dulwich Picture Gallery)


The Virgin Mary – the real woman in Robin’s life.
Sassoferrato, Madonna at Prayer (© The National Gallery, London)

Little John's Grave

Little John’s grave, in Hathersage, is impressively long. (K C Murdarasi)

Poster_-_Jesse_James_(1939)_01 Christian Muir

Robin Hood was not the only violent criminal to be lionised after his death.
(Christian Muir, Wikimedia)


The attractions of the liripipe are hard to fathom.
(Jean le Noir, Psalter of Bonne de Luxembourg, Wikimedia)

Battle_of_Sandwich Matthew Paris Chronica Majora

The Battle of Sandwich, where Eustace the Monk met his end.
(Matthew Paris, Chronica Majora,Wikimedia)

Wentbridge from Sayles

Looking down onto Wentbridge from the Sayles. It’s easy to see why this was a choice location for planning an ambush. (K C Murdarasi)

I hope you enjoyed your wee sneak peek, and that you also enjoy the book when you get hold of it. (Remember, if you are impoverished, you can always request it from your library.) Happy reading!



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