Join me at the (virtual) bar

27 Apr

This Wednesday, 29th April 2020, I’ll be reading from my unpublished novel The Sarcophagus Scroll at Virtual Noir in the Bar.


Noir at the Bar is a crime fiction event that used to take place in pubs in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Newcastle, but has now moved to Zoom, like everything else in the world.

“Crime fiction” is defined fairly broadly, fortunately for me. The Sarcophagus Scroll  is a thriller but hardly a police procedural or hard-boiled noir. It’s the first in a series of three novels about the legenary lost scrolls of King Numa (which, as you might imagine, end up being found). I’m working on the second, Daughters of Fire, at the moment at my usual glacial pace.

If you want to join me at the bar and hear me and another nine authors* reading from their work, you can register here. Then you’ll get a reminder the day before and the hour before the event kicks off. You will have to make sure you’re reasonably timely in logging on because, even at the virtual bar, space can be limited.

So put on your going-out clothes, pour yourself a drink, and I’ll see you there!

*Specifically, Rob Scagg, Kirsten McKenzie, Lesley Kelly, Roz Watkins, Zoe Sharp, Ashley Erwin, Derek Farrell, Alan Jones and Lucy Atkins.


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