St Patrick in his World

15 Mar

Just in case you think I’ve been slacking off during this neverending lockdown, I’ll have you know that I am busy preparing a talk on St Patrick – and you are all invited!

It’s for the Glasgow St Patrick’s Festival, where I’ve spoken once before, and it’s about “St Patrick in his World” – which, as the astute among you will have realised, means I can just whitter on about Ancient History for 45 minutes, and also drop in some of the Dark Age stuff that I learned for my talk to the North Bute Literary Society a couple of years ago. (Recycling is good, okay?) There may even be a wee Easter egg about King Arthur…

The event is free and I have created a new Zoom background specially, so do come along on St Patrick’s Day (that’s this Wednesday) at 7pm if you feel like being educated, informed and edified. The link for EventBrite is below.


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