Copped out

17 Nov

I was going to tell you all about my exciting time during COP26, complete with getting drenched on the Global Day of Action for Climate Justice march (otherwise known as ‘the big march’) and doing lots and lots of smiling with the eyes and gritting with the teeth while helping to host fringe events at my church (climate activists can be surprisingly bad at putting recycling in the recycling bin) but after a slow weekend recovering from all that, I find myself horrendously busy again.

On the march
A welcome break in the rain

Therefore I am going to cop out (groan) and instead direct you towards my someone else’s rundown of COP26. Less Waste Laura is a climate activist and scientist who had her finger much closer to the pulse during all of this, and who can give you a more detailed picture of what went down and what it means. (I do actually know her, by the way, she’s not some random I found on the web.)

I’ll now get back to the stuff I’m supposed to be doing – some of which you’ll be able to read on in December. I’ll let you know when it’s out.


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