Christmas Mythbusting

22 Dec

I am hoping to get another post written before Christmas about my favourite Christmas pop songs, but with my current workload I’m making no promises. Fortunately, a couple of articles I wrote last month have just gone live, so you can enjoy those instead.

As an ancient historian (at least, that’s what my degree is in) I get quite irritated by historical illiteracy, which is often on display at the times of the major Christian festivals, Christmas and Easter. So I was very pleased when Premier Christianity agreed to let me write a couple of short articles correcting some of the errors and half-truths you find on the internet.

These are not rants (I save those for the blog) but reasoned and, I like to think, informed explanations. And one of them has a reference to a Wham song, just for seasonal fun. They are short reads and you will sound more intelligent in social media arguments after you read them, so what are you waiting for?


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