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Gnoc, gnoc, gnocchi on heaven’s plate

11 Oct

Another installment of my very occasional series of adventures in not-really-cooking, and another dish I sometimes make when I can’t be bothered to cook properly. I recently had back-to-back recipe boxes with very faffy meals, so after two weeks of that, not really cooking is more appealing than ever.

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Tasty deconstructionism

29 Mar

I’m in the throes of moving house at the moment, and as the new place started out as an empty shell, there’s a lot of work to do. All the to-ing and fro-ing is having a detrimental effect on my diet, since I have very little time to cook, let alone plan meals. (As an example, on the day I started writing this, my lunch consisted of a packet of crisps and two squares of chocolate. Very balanced.)

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Fried green spaghetti at the postage-stamp kitchen

14 Oct

The secret to building a successful blog following, they say, is to post consistently and frequently on the same subject. As regular readers know, I take about as much notice of that as I do of the darts results, so here is a subject I’m not sure I have ever covered before: a recipe!

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