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The Wisdom of Friends

3 Feb

The passage of time is a strange thing. You’re only slightly aware of changes to yourself taking place, but in other people it is more obvious, especially children or people you don’t see that often. So my squidgy little lump of a baby niece is now a leggy, bespectacled eight-year-old who occasionally comes out with profound insights on life (shared on the family WhatsApp, of course). And the naïf American ingénue with the amazing name whom I knew at University is now a mother of three who is not only cultured but also wise, to judge by her latest book.

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Robin Hood Review

27 Mar

Just a quickie to say that there’s a new review of Why Everything You Know about Robin Hood is Wrong from Reader Views. The nice girl who reviewed it, Rachel Dehning,  describes the book as being “akin to a humorous research project” which seems entirely fair. Sometimes it seems my whole life is akin to a humorous research project…

Anyway, I’ll let you read it in its entirety if you like:

WEYKARHIW review on Reader Views

And hopefully in the not-too-distant future I’ll be posting about my experience of self-isolation. Just like every other blogger in the world.

Review of Augustine: The Truth Seeker

12 Jun

Danika Cooley, of the website Thinking  Kids, has kindly written a review of Augustine: The Truth Seeker, giving advice about how it would fit into a homeschooling curriculum. Specifically she identifies these subjects as ones where Augustine would fit in well:

  • Ancient History
  • The Early Church
  • Manichean Beliefs
  • The Donatists
  • The Roman Empire
  • The Fall of the Roman Empire

I don’t actually know Danika, so you can get an unbiased view of Augustine by reading her review. Or better still, form your own unbiased view by reading it yourself! It’s available from Christian bookshops and online (Amazon, Eden, TenofThose, Christian Focus website etc.).