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Writing on Water

20 Nov

Writing on Water - Earlyworks AnthologyThe poetry and flash fiction anthology Writing on Water has just been published by Earlyworks Press.  It’s £8.49 including postage and you can buy it using the link above.  I have a small piece in it, called “Laser Eye Surgery” (which, incidentally, I have had.  It’s well worth it and you can read more about it in my Suite101 article).

The rest of the work in the book looks great, from my quick flick through.  There’s a touching piece about the elephant in the room (Sarah Cluderay) and a quirky little poem called “Vote of Thanks” (Phil Powley), as well as a Christmas poem, “Christmas Cards 2010” (Christine Collette).  That’s just a selection of my favourites from the ones I have read so far, but I have only dipped in.  It’s worth considering as a Christmas present for a literary-minded aunt, or similar.