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My prescription for lockdown

25 Jan

There was much hilarity at the Glasgow Esperanto Club this month. We were using Gather (an odd little meetup platform with very ’90s graphics) to play the ‘Secret Rule’ game, and the secret rule was that everyone had to laugh whenever Peter’s hand(s) were in shot. Although the laughter started off artificial, it soon became real when poor Peter was sitting with his hands clearly visible on top of his despairing head saying that he just couldn’t work it out. There is something very funny about a group of people who are not allowed to stop laughing, while someone else has no idea why.

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Primed for a Laugh

11 Jan

Prima FebruaryThis month’s Prima features my story “A Recipe for Disaster”. It’s a very short, funny little piece about a couple working in their short-staffed restaurant after a very busy evening when famous food critic Clive St John decides to make an unexpected appearance.

“This month’s” Prima is of course February, due to the logic of magazine dating. The cover is as in the photo, and my story is on page 144. Prima is priced £2.99, and this month you can also get a Maybelline mascara, free but for P&P, meaning that it practically pays for itself.