About K C Murdarasi

Office Life (and Death) - a collection of funny short stories Leda - an adventure story set in Albania Cover


Augustine the Truth Seeker was released by Christian Focus in the UK in March 2014 and in the USA in April / May 2014. It is a biography of St Augustine for readers of about 11 years and up (with emphasis on the ‘up’ – it’s suitable of adults). was placed equal fourth in the Mail on Sunday Novel Opener competition in October. See the blog for more details and the winning passage. My ebooks of short stories Office Life (and Death) and  A New Year’s Trio are now available at Smashwords for most ebook platforms, as well as on Amazon for Kindle. My short story about the Olympics, Running for Cover, is available FREE at Smashwords via the previous link, or for 77p on Amazon. It has had thousands of downloads – find out why.

About K C Murdarasi

I am a professional writer, mainly of children’s fiction and short fiction (although I’m also available for more commercial work via People Per Hour etc.). My two e-collections of short stories, Office Life (and Death) and A New Year’s Trio, are available on Amazon, along with the very popular short story Running for Cover, which is also available free on Smashwords in various formats. I have written a couple of children’s novels (one of which, Leda, is on sale now), and my biography of St Augustine for children, Augustine the Truth Seeker, was released in March 2014. You may have seen some of my stories in Prima (Feb 2013), Take a Break Fiction Feast (Sept 2012), the Imagining Scotland website (May 2011), The People’s Friend (Apr 10th, 2010), Ruthless Peoples Magazine (Oct 2009),  and various other magazines and anthologies. I write non-fiction, too. Visit Suite for some examples, covering everything from film reviews to literature and philosophy to how to wrap a present .  I co-authored a report on Living, Working and Spirituality in Glasgow. Do check out the blog for flash fiction, reviews, rants, and whatever else pops into my head.

My Background

I am a graduate of the University of St Andrews, Scotland’s first university. I was awarded first class honours in Ancient History, and I also have a Diploma of Higher Education (DipHE) in Theology from International Christian College. My name is Albanian (everybody asks). I lived and worked in Albania for a number of years but I am now based in my home town of Glasgow, Scotland. The long-term plan is to move back to Albania. Copyright © 2014 K C Murdarasi

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