Harvest Thanksgiving

25 Oct

It’s nice when church cheers you up.  I know that’s not actually its purpose, but it is something you hope for if you’re feeling down when you go.  Today was harvest thanksgiving, apparently.  Harvest doesn’t really affect people in cities (we need newspaper articles to tell us what vegetables are in season) so the minister talked about all the other things we have to be grateful for, and invited us to put them (or a description of them) into the “harvest basket”  – temporarily, of course!

He mentioned things like laptops (my life would be much harder without mine) and phones, but also the ability to read and things like that.  We sang a song afterwards with the line “let the poor say ‘I am rich’ because of what the Lord has done for me”.  I could completely agree with it as I sang it.  I may be totally skint at the moment, but I have friends and family, a loving husband, a roof over my head, books to read and the ability to read them. It’s good to be reminded of how rich you are sometimes.

BTW, my hubbie put a photo of me in the basket – he is a pain sometimes but he certainly knows how to charm his way back into my good books!


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