The Telegraph and Me

31 Oct

I had the unfortunate experience of agreeing with two opinion pieces in the Telegraph.  It made me worry that comfortable middle-aged fascism is coming on early.  The one I most nodded along to was about Scottish hallowe’en versus American.  When I were a lass (she droned) we went guising, which is sort of like busking – songs, jokes, nice costumes.  Now even in Scotland some kids go trick or treating which is a bit like demanding money with menaces.  No, it’s exactly like demanding money with menaces.

However I was reassured when I found myself spluttering in outrage at something else the Telegraph said later.  They blamed middle class, non-racist liberals (that’s me, I take it) for the rise of the BNP.  Now, I understand the argument that if people, and especially political parties, pretend that there is no need for any immigration policy and to suggest otherwise is racism, you drive people who do have concerns about immigration into the arms of extremists.  But what they seemed to be suggesting was that actually not being racist was the problem, and if people couldn’t get their healthy bit of racism in the mainstream they would vote for the BNP.  Argh!  I don’t think I’ll be switching to the Telegraph just yet.


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