Mutual Grooming

3 Nov

After taking my black coat off today at work, I noticed that it had lots of blonde hairs clinging to the back of it.  It’s unavoidable because we all moult all the time, and if you’ve got long hair it’s especially noticeable.  The trouble is it makes you look scruffy and you never find out till afterwards.

Many times I have sat behind someone at church or on a bus, itching to remove the hairs that are making them look messy but not sure whether it’s rude, or if they’ll wonder what I’m doing.  But I would be grateful if someone did it for me!

So I think there should be an opt-out system.  Some sort of surreptitious little sign, probably only for women, to indicate that you don’t want to have your stray hairs removed.  Then the rest of us can tidy the hairs off each other without worrying about being though weird.  Who’s in favour?


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