When I rule the world…

10 Aug

It’s not going to happen (which is undoubtedly for the best) but here’s what would happen if I suddenly found myself in charge of the world – or just the country.

1) Car culture would be a thing of the past.  You’re not getting one unless you have a good reason, like living in the country or having limited physical mobility.  I am sick of almost missing my train even though I live two minutes from the station, because you can’t even cross the road in the morning.

2) Anyone who let their dog foul and didn’t clear it up would have their dog taken off them.  Of course, this would be less of a problem than it is now because…

3) Private dog ownership would be seriously curtailed (you’d have to have the time and space to look after it properly), and there would be a quota for cats so there weren’t too many in each neighbourhood.  Sounds harsh, but think how many more songbirds there would be.

4) Tomorrow wouldn’t start at midnight which is clearly the evening, not the morning.  Instead it would start at 6am, which, if you’ve stayed up all night, is about the time you start to think “oh no, it’s tomorrow!”

And finally,

5) There would be a law against starting Christmas advertising before November.

Don’t worry, I’m not thinking of going into politics anytime soon 😉


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