Five Things That Are Annoying

7 May

In no particular order.

1) Getting spam from a company you’re already a customer of. Spam is annoying enough anyway, but when they only have your address because you’re already a customer it’s doubly annoying. I can’t tell you the number of times my bank has sent leaflets asking me to open a current account with them. And how do they have my address? Because I have a current account with them!

2) Online surveys that tell you you haven’t qualified after you thought you’d nearly finished the survey. If it were one or two test questions just to see if you’re a suitable subject that’s fair enough (e.g. “Do you have a car? No? Then you haven’t qualified”). But when you spend the best part of ten minutes typing away thinking you’re going to get some reward, and then they tell you – that’s really annoying.

3) Deceitful returns policies. See when they get you to buy something by saying “Of course you can bring it back for any reason at all!” and then when you try to return it it’s all “there’s no defect” or “you’ll have to speak to the manager”, that’s deeply annoying. You feel deceived. I bought something from the gadget counter at Hamleys (“Of course you can bring it back!”) and I had no end of trouble getting them to take it back even though the instructions were in gibberish and the product didn’t actually work!

4) Swearing on public transport. Everyone gets annoyed, but some people think it’s fine to utter an expetive every second word even when surrounded by complete strangers. The thing is, although I believe in freedom of speech, you have a captive audience on public transport and they probably don’t want to hear it. Save it for somewhere that people can escape if they want to!

5) Drivers who don’t signal for pedestrians. Grr! I know there’s no point in signaling when there’s no-one around, but a pedestrian is not no-one! We also need to know whether you’re turning right (and we can therefore cross the road) or left (and will therefore knock us down). Of course, cyclists often don’t signal for drivers or pedestrians, but to start on them would require another list!


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