Fame at last! (not really)

3 Apr

On Monday (4th April) the new edition of People’s Friend will hit the shops.  Well, being the kind of magazine it is it won’t so much hit them as pat them gently, but the point is that my story, “Turning the Corner”, will be in it!  Hooray!  They bought it ages ago and I’ve been wondering when it would actually appear.  This is the highest circulation magazine that I’ve had anything published in, and it gives me a nice buzz.

This year has been a bit light on acceptances so far – just one!  That was from Flash (University of Chester) for a piece of flash fiction, unsurprisingly.  It’s a bit of an odd piece, and not one that I thought would be easily accepted, but it was taken by the first publication I sent it to.

It’s funny how that happens – the ones you think will do well get rejection after rejection, and the awkward wee pieces surprise you by being accepted.  I have a few of what I consider my most saleable (and best) stories still looking for a home.  Oh well, I’ll keep trying and probably keep being surprised.


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