Frightful Anticipation

31 Aug

I am so desperately looking forward to “Fright Night“. I haven’t looked forward to a film as much in a long time. Yes, I know it will be full of annoying teenagers, in the audience and on screen. Yes, I know it may well be terrible. You may already have seen it and be able to tell me for sure – but don’t! Let me wallow in the anticipation of Colin Farrell as a vampire – and not one of your angsty, spotty, woebegone teenage vampires, either – a proper, grown up, evil vampire.

What vampire film-makers seem to have forgotten in recent years is that a vampire has to be such that you want them to “kiss” you.  It’s not so much about external good versus evil, as the internal pull of the things you shouldn’t want, but do.

David Tennant is in “Fright Night” 2011 too, as a slayer, and he is good in just about everything, even the drippy “Single Father”. I’m trying not to find out too much about the film so as not to spoil it. I haven’t seen the original, so apart from the one-line synopsis, I know nothing.

The film is out on Friday. Usually I’m strictly an Orange Wednesdays kind of girl, but in this case I may have to make an exception.

[See my review of Fright Night.]


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