Musical Lent

26 Feb

So, Lent has rolled around again. I was thinking about what to give up, but nothing made much sense so I’ve decided to do what I did last year and take up a committment instead. Last year it was reading John Stott’s The Cross of Christ. This year, I’m going to practice the tin whistle every day.

I bought one a few months ago because it was only a couple of quid and tin whistle music does sound great, but I’ve not done much with it. In fact it gets most use from my baby neice bashing it on the ground or chewing the wrong end. I intend to rectify that, for the next six weeks at least.

This one will be harder to keep up, since if I only remember at 11pm that I haven’t done it that day, it will probably annoy the neighbours more than reading a chapter of a book. Still, I’m managing so far even if it’s only a couple of scales, so we’ll see how it goes. Maybe I’ll be appearing at the next Celtic Connections…


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