Penny for Your Whistle

16 Apr

You may remember, if you cast your mind back several weeks, that this Lent I decided to take up the tin whistle. At the start of the period I could play a scale but not much more than that. I resolved to practise every day. Did I keep it up?

Yes, I did! And with the help of a nice online Jesuit priest I can now play three proper Irish tunes and even put in a couple of simple ornamentations, the cut and the hit. I got so into the whole business that I bought a second whistle to replace the one that I had let my baby niece play with (i.e. bash off things). I’m keeping both of them, though, because the original nickel one is much better for fast things, like jigs, while the new brass one is better for the slow tunes.

As proof of my efforts, I have attempted to upload a video of myself playing “The Star of the County Down”, but WordPress doesn’t seem to like videos. Nothing daunted, Ihave uploaded to YouTube and embedded a link below. It’s not terribly thrilling, but you are perfectly welcome to have a look.


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