How to (try to) get published

15 Aug

I’ve got a book coming out at the end of this month that I had been meaning to write and release for ages, but I got a little push a few months back when a friend from church asked me how she would go about getting her almost-finished novel published.

She was far from the first person to ever ask me that, to the extent that I had already started writing up my answer for the next time, but her enquiry gave me the fillip I needed to finish writing up my answer and make it into a book.

It’s coming out on 31st August on Amazon as an ebook, priced at 99p. It’s also coming out as a paperback at £2.99, but to be honest that’s simply so that the book will qualify for the 2019 Kindle Storyteller competition. Not that I didn’t spend ages messing around with fonts and formatting for the paperback anyway. My combination of mild perfectionism with a certain enjoyment of visual design means I spend far too much time on these elements.

Anyway, if you would like to pre-order the ebook, go ahead. (The paperback isn’t available for pre-order because Kindle Direct Publishing is pants for physical books.) Alternatively, if you would like a free copy and you’re reading this before 31st August, join my mailing list and, for the mild inconvenience of receiving infrequent newsletters from me, you can pick which format of ebook you would prefer. (If you are not techy and the very thought of ‘formats’ brings you out in a nervous sweat, I will be happy to explain and advise.)


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