A paean to Peppa Pig

2 Jul

This post is about one of my many niche interests, specifically that gentle satire on the English middle class: Peppa Pig. You might think that this is just a children’s cartoon about a family of pigs but you would be wrong. It is laugh-out-loud funny in its dissection of human foibles and frailty through the medium of stylized animal drawings.

One of the things I like most about Peppa Pig is the character building. The adults have jobs, relatives, accents, cultural backgrounds and hobbies. Daddy Pig is an architect (or possibly a civil engineer). Mummy Pig works from home on her computer, but the children just want to play games on it. Mr Bull is a builder with a fondness for fine porcelain teapots. Freddy Fox’s dad is a bit of a wheeler-dealer – whatever you want, he can get it for you wholesale. There’s an incompetent Lancastrian vet (yes, they have vets on Peppa Pig. Only mammals are people. Other animals are just animals. I don’t make the rules.) and an elderly rabbit with an adventurous past, played by Brian Blessed!

Below I have shared some of the Peppa Pig episodes that have tickled me the most!

The Italian Holiday

This is what got me in to Peppa Pig in the first place. My sister made me watch this series of three episodes, and I was hooked from the moment the Pig family tries to hire a car in Italy. (“In Italy, people speak Italian” explains the narrator, helpfully.) Watch out for the increasingly exasperated policeman and Mummy Pig’s packing technique.

George’s New Dinosaur

Every parent can identify with this – the lure of fancy shmancy new electronic toys when the old rubber one was perfectly good. What elevates this episode above the norm is the moment when Daddy Pig tries to change the batteries. We’ve all been there. (Plus, the way George cries is very cute.)

Miss Rabbit’s Day Off

It’s a running joke in Peppa Pig that every job that only appears in one or two episodes is done by Miss Rabbit. In fact in one episode she even gets a medal from the Queen for being the most hard-working person in the country! In this episode, Miss Rabbit has to take some time off, but she is a difficult bunny to replace.

Peppa Goes to Paris

More foreign fun. The Pig family visits their friends in France and Daddy Pig wants to see the real, hidden Paris. But he would see more of it if he didn’t have his eyes closed.

(Peppa Pig is full of running jokes, by the way. If you listen carefully, the French motorists shout the same insult at Mr Pig as the Italian ones do in The Holiday House.)

The Fun Fair

A feminist fable. Mummy pig shows her mettle when she is maligned by a fairground attendant. Meanwhile, Daddy Pig is not quite the hero he thinks he is. But it’s all for a good cause.

Lost Keys

Daddy Pig is my favourite character in Peppa Pig. He is a lovable buffoon who sometimes forgets that he is not as young or slim or expert as he would like to be. In this episode, his overconfidence is his downfall, with serious consequences for the local environment.

And an extra one…

While I was, ahem, researching this blog post with the help of my nieces, I came across an episode I hadn’t seen before that made me hoot with laughter, so I’ve included it for your delectation. Mummy Pig is trying to get some work done but Miss Rabbit insists that she comes along to a relaxation class, which turns out to be far from relaxing. Watch out for Mummy Pig developing a nervous tic near the end.

This blog post was written with the help of my nieces, who also like Peppa Pig, but not as much as I do.


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  1. Isla Stirling July 2, 2020 at 5:03 pm #

    I like Peppa Pig too!

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