Five books to make you think

12 Sep

There are a number of reasons for an author to have a website. So that people can get information about my books is the obvious one. So that I can share my impassioned or facetious opinions without inconveniencing my general acquaintance is another. But a third, which is quite fun, is that sometimes people contact you unexpectedly via the website.

That happened recently when Shepherd, a book recommendation site, asked me to send them a list of five books, with the incentive that they would promote one of my books. The list had to be in some way connected to the book.

I went with my book Why Everything You Know about Robin Hood is Wrong, and the connected list is ‘5 books to challenge your preconceptions‘. It’s mostly non-fiction, but the kind of readable, fascinating non-fiction that gives you something to talk about down the pub, or over coffee after church.

Please go and have a read, as it saves me having to write another blog post 😉 You can also explore other topics like ‘the best books that shake fantasy and history up together‘, ‘the best books about why my Christian faith is confirmed by science‘ or whatever takes your fancy. And there’s a list of ‘books we think you will enjoy’ at the bottom of my own list, which looks a bit of an odd fit, but I haven’t read them, so do knows? I may love them.

In the meantime, I have too much to do keeping up with my 2022 reading challenge (details will be in my review of the year) so maybe you could read them instead and let me know. Or you could read the books reviewed on my list. But you should definitely read Why Everything You Know about Robin Hood is Wrong. A pirate monk, a French maid and Morris dancers – how could anyone resist?


2 Responses to “Five books to make you think”

  1. susanmain2807gmailcom September 13, 2022 at 11:12 am #

    Oh, is there anything more exciting than falling down a rabbit hole? One of my students has just come back from Svalbard, so naturally I have become obsessed:
    From that rabbit hole, I also discovered that pieces of ice which are too small to be called icebergs are known as…..well, I’m not going to tell you because it’s gloriously silly and you should find out for yourself (assuming of course, that you haven’t already tumbled down this particular hole)😁

    • Karen Murdarasi September 14, 2022 at 6:59 pm #

      Growlers or bergy bits! No, I didn’t know, I had to look it up. I can see why you would get obsessed with Svalbard, a place in which there are more polar bears than people, it’s illegal to kill or disturb the polar bears, but it’s also illegal not to carry a gun so you can shoot at all the polar bears, and you’re advised to carry flares and loud things to … disturb the polar bears. I’m not sure they’ve thought their policy through.

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