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Interrail day fifteen – Samothrace to Thessaloniki

13 May

I do not like early starts at the best of times, but imagine my horror on finding that all the remaining coffee sachets in the hotel room’s wee bowl were actually sugar! I had to start my day with tea!

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Interrail day fourteen – Samothrace (Therma)

11 May

After yesterday I really didn’t feel like a long walk today, so I decided to take the bus (yes, there is one as it turns out) to a village on the north side of the island called Therma (hot springs).

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Interrail day thirteen – Samothrace (Sanctuary of the Great Gods)

10 May

I am wrecked! It is now 5.30pm, the time of day for chilling before the evening starts, so a good time to lie around in my hotel room and tell you about my strenuous day.

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Interrail day twelve – Alexandroupoli to Samothrace

9 May

Samothrace (Samothraki) is the final one of my three key locations, and the furthest point of my journey, so I suppose you could call it my destination. To come all the way to the eastern edge of Greece overland (and sea) has been quite an experience, but not as hard as I thought it might be.

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Interrail day eleven – Igoumenitsa to (hopefully) Alexandroupoli

8 May

The “hopefully” is because the information on the internet about buses to Alexandroupoli is a bit vague (“every four hours”) and I won’t be able to get more details until I reach Thessaloniki (or Thessalonica, or Selanik, according to your preference).

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Interrail day ten – (Sannicandro di) Bari (and sort of to Igoumenitsa)

7 May

I say “sort of” because while I’ll be setting off this evening, I won’t get to Greece until tomorrow. So I’m spending today in the village of Sannicandro, just outside Bari, because that is where Ida and Genti live.

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Interrail day nine – Florence to Bari

7 May

Can you believe I’ve been doing this for nine days now? And I’m not even halfway 😂

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Interrail day eight – Ferrara to Firenze

5 May

That’s Florence, to you. I was going to set off bright and early to see as much of it as possible, but it took so long to upload last night’s post that I changed my mind and went for a later train. That meant that instead of having anxiety dreams about missing trains, I just dreamed highlights from A Room with a View, which was much more pleasant.

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Interrail day seven – Ferrara

4 May

Another staying-put day, as Ferrara is one of my key destinations. It contains the Biblioteca Ariostea, a very old library named after Ludovico Ariosto, who wrote Orlando Furioso and is Ferrara’s most famous son. Less famously, the library features in my novel, Daughters of Fire.

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Interrail day five – Leiden to Zurich via Cologne

2 May

This is quite an exciting day for me because I have never been to Germany or Switzerland (except airside at airports, which doesn’t count). Up until now I had at least been to whichever country I was visiting before, if not the particular city

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