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Do you believe in ghosts?

25 Oct

“How many of you believe in ghosts?” Tom asks. A few hands go up. “And how many of you think it’s a load of old cobblers?” A few laughs, a few more hands.

“I knew a lad once who didn’t believe in ghosts,” Tom begins…

Ghost Stories UK Volume 1

You can probably guess that it didn’t end well for the lad in that story, but to find out exactly what happens to him you will have to download volume three of Word of Mouth Productions’ new audiobooks, Ghost Stories UK. All the stories have a flavour from one of the nations of the UK. The extract above is taken from my story The Carlisle Ghost Walk, which you can probably guess falls into the English category. There’s also The Child Taker, which is very scary and set in Wales (volume two) and The Glen (volume one), which is my favourite, and is set in Texas. Confused? Well, buy volume one and all will become clear!

Each volume costs £3.99 and is only available for download. There are actually four volumes, but I’m not on volume four, I’m afraid. Word of Mouth Productions is currently commissioning stories for collections in the sci fi, horror and murder mystery genres, and they are keen to encourage new authors, so it’s worth sending them a pitch if you’re trying to get a break.

By the way, The Child Taker was very long, so the audio version is abridged. If you’re curious about what was left out, drop me an email using the contact form and I’ll send you a copy of the original.