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Smashwords summer sale

5 Jul

It’s now July, which means that finally the date on the calendar matches the gorgeous weather. (Yes, I’m very much a hot-weather person.) It also means that the Smashwords summer/winter sale has started!

It’s called the summer/winter sale to include readers on the other hemisphere as well. I’m not sure if I have any, but if I do – hello!

The Smashwords sale means that you can get a huge number of ebooks for 50% off, 75% off or free – and mine are free! It includes Leda (YA adventure) and my short story collections A New Year’s Trio (romance) and Office Life (and Death) (humour), as well as the single short story Running for Cover (romance). It doesn’t include Augustine: The Truth Seeker or Patrick of Ireland: The Boy Who Forgave because I don’t control their pricing.

If you haven’t read any of my work yet, or one of these is missing from your collection, go ahead and download it before the end of July. And if you already have all of these (you wonderful person!), why not point this offer out to a friend instead?

Here’s to reading on sun loungers!


Read an Ebook Week 2018

5 Mar

March 4th to 10th is Read an Ebook Week, so all my ebooks are free on Smashwords.

The books included are:

That doesn’t include Patrick of Ireland: The Boy Who Forgave or Augustine: The Truth Seeker because they are from a different publisher – but if you really want them, you can probably stretch to six quid, right? If not, petition your local library to stock them, if it doesn’t already.

The Painted Castle published on Channillo

1 Sep

My humorous short story “The Painted Castle” has just been published on Channillo as part of its 2016 competition finalists series. (My entry was joint third so I am officially a ‘winner’ 🙂

Channillo is a reading site where you subscribe to various series of fiction and non-fiction. Unfortunately it’s a membership-only site (apart from a few bits and pieces) so my story is behind a paywall, but subscriptions start from $4.99 per month (cancel anytime) so you may consider it’s worth it.

I’m quite fond of this wee story, actually. It makes me smile, partly because of the humour in it, partly because it reminds me of lovely family weekend in the place that has been fictionalised as ‘Anderswick’. I hope it makes you smile, too.

Do you believe in ghosts?

25 Oct

“How many of you believe in ghosts?” Tom asks. A few hands go up. “And how many of you think it’s a load of old cobblers?” A few laughs, a few more hands.

“I knew a lad once who didn’t believe in ghosts,” Tom begins…

Ghost Stories UK Volume 1

You can probably guess that it didn’t end well for the lad in that story, but to find out exactly what happens to him you will have to download volume three of Word of Mouth Productions’ new audiobooks, Ghost Stories UK. All the stories have a flavour from one of the nations of the UK. The extract above is taken from my story The Carlisle Ghost Walk, which you can probably guess falls into the English category. There’s also The Child Taker, which is very scary and set in Wales (volume two) and The Glen (volume one), which is my favourite, and is set in Texas. Confused? Well, buy volume one and all will become clear!

Each volume costs £3.99 and is only available for download. There are actually four volumes, but I’m not on volume four, I’m afraid. Word of Mouth Productions is currently commissioning stories for collections in the sci fi, horror and murder mystery genres, and they are keen to encourage new authors, so it’s worth sending them a pitch if you’re trying to get a break.

By the way, The Child Taker was very long, so the audio version is abridged. If you’re curious about what was left out, drop me an email using the contact form and I’ll send you a copy of the original.

Read an E-Book Week 2014

3 Mar

REAW 2014This is Read an E-Book Week, and therefore you should probably read an e-book. Preferably one of mine. This is an especially good time to try out my electronic offerings because my short story collections are free on Smashwords all this week, using the code RW100.

I had thought that my first post of this month would be about the release of my new book Augustine: The Truth Seeker. However, Augustine  is a little late (possibly held up by bad weather on the Mediterranean – you know how these Ancient Roman sea journeys can be) so download a short story or two to keep you going until then. I will be sure to inform the whole world when I do finally have my shiny new book in my possession.