Not just your basic, average, everyday, ordinary, run-of-the-mill, ho-hum dyslexic

5 Aug

And if you didn’t get the film reference in the title, shame on you.

A few weeks back I was interviewed by Darius Namdaran, director of the BulletMap Academy, for his Dyslexia Explored podcast. He got in touch because he had come across one of my posts on this website about the joys of dyslexia (yes, there are some).

The podcast was supposed to go out live on Facebook, but we had some technical difficulties. However, it’s now available to listen to on iTunes, Spotify, Podbean and half a dozen other podcast platforms, as well as direct from the BulletMap Academy website, using the button below.

I tend to talk too fast (you may be able to slow the speed of the recording if it’s a problem), but my tones are sufficiently dulcet, and it might be interesting for you to hear what I sound like, if you’ve only ever seen my writing. It would also be an interesting listen if you are (or suspect you may be) dyslexic, or if you have a dyslexic (or suspected dyslexic) child, as we talk about tools and techniques that can help, and Darius even gives me a test to spot the signs of dyslexia. (Spoiler – it turns out I have it.) We also talk a bit about how I became an author.

Here are a couple of advantages you have over other podcast listeners who don’t read my blog.

  1. I can tell you that the Christian author I mention in the podcast is Patricia St. John, not Rebecca. (Rebecca St James is a Christian singer, hence the confusion.)
  2. You get to see my wonderfully unfashionable purple glasses.
Rocking my purple dyslexia glasses


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